Renovations For Life, LLC

About Renovations For Life, LLC


Experience and Leadership

Dave Bertolet, President and founder of Renovations for Life, LLC has been a leader in the design/construction industry since 1985 as a business owner and contractor. Dave is a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), Certified Lead Remediation Supervisor, and Certified Medicaid waiver provider.

Excellence and Professionalism

The Certified Age In Place Specialist (CAPS) is a professional designation awarded by the National Association of Home Builders to those who have been specially trained in the strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically enriching, barrier free living environments. The CAPS designation is a reliable way to identify a professional to modify your home. Renovations for Life, LLC was among the first to be recognized as a CAPS provider in the Indianapolis area.

Guiding Principles

Aging In Place

According to a number of independent studies, the majority of older Americans prefer Aging In Place, which means living at home safely, independently, comfortably and with dignity. It has been the experience of our clients that aging in place often requires the renovation of living environments that were not designed to accommodate acute physical needs. Such renovations are the focus and specialty of Renovations for Life, LLC.

Universal Design

Design that works for those with physical needs should not stigmatize the user. At Renovations for Life, we believe accessible design can work well for people of all ages and abilities, without sacrificing aesthetic value. While safety and accessibility are absolutely critical in our designs, we find that aesthetically pleasing solutions are possible and should be sought after.